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Prenda Law starts using robocalls to intimidate its targets. Will IARDC


Prenda law, one of the sleaziest law firms in the US history, a brainchild of a divorce-lawyer-turned-copyrighttroll John Steele, uses a super-secret homebrewed software, written by unlicensed wannabe forensic experts,

Apparently, Copyright Trolls Don’t Need to Tell the Band When


publicity (and even if it does, that’s still a dick move Lars). So, imagine All Shall Perish’s surprise when they learned that a Panamanian copyright troll, which no one remembers hiring, recently filed suit against 80 of their fans.

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Comcast defends its subscribers against copyright 2012-06

EFF Slams Negligence Claim in Corbin Fisher Copyright Suit.

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Down the hole with the copyright trolls? | Right Wing News


Not really a big surprise. One of the points I made at this month’s CSUSA panel on this topic was that when you push too hard on enforcement, someone who matters 1” either legislators, judges or rampaging mobs 2 will punish you and leave

Copyright trolls have gone too far and will be stopped. They make a mockery out of US copyright laws. I believe their days are numbered.

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