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 Copyright Trolling Attorneys Lose Big in US District Court.

Copyrighttrolling well runs dry for Righthaven – Washington Examiner


In case you missed the news this past Friday afternoon, a federal court has finally put an end to the unfortunate practice of copyrighttrolling. Copyrighttrolling well runs dry for Righthaven. March 13, 2012. Leave a comment That such a ruling was ever necessary is a testament to the ingenuity of trial lawyers in finding new fields of liability to exploit in their pursuit of self-enrichment. In 2006, four years before he founded Righthaven, attorney Steve Gibson co-authored a paper on

Copyright trolls attempt to extort a wrong person, invite a class action


The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Jennifer Baker, one of the victims who did not want to forgive an unprovoked assault by a copyright troll lawyer M. Keith Lipscomb. Lipscomb is one of the most cynical and productive trolls,


The Nevada State Bar announced in January that it is looking into complaints against Gibson and two other Righthaven attorneys.

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) — A court case filed in Massachusetts District Court on Monday accuses a group of 15 defendants of negligence of their wireless networks. “They allowed the network to be open, they allowed this illegal activity to occur so they were negligent and should be held liable,” said Attorney Marvin Cable — an attorney of one of the defendants. “Even though they did not directly download it [themselves].”
Because this case is of first impression, the outcome of this case may determine whether operating an open wifi router is per se negligent, making open wifi operators liable for the illegal use of the open wifi users.
The claims filed in court on Monday are an addendum to the case. The precedent will affect the outcome of many trials to come.

Copyright trolling is being examined closely and will cause some changes to the copyright laws.

Copyright Trolling Attorneys

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