Intellectual Property Lawyers and Litigation

In the past few years, IP (Intellectual Property) crime has become a big issue, with things such as Internet piracy becoming a big headache for all. IP infringement is a kind of crime that can affect any person who holds IP rights relating to any creation or idea. Incidents such as counterfeiting, general and copyright infringements, and piracy are all IP crimes. Without requisite protection to your creations or ideas, it can be cumbersome to initiate action against all those who are responsible for this crime, because legally you had not protected your work or idea in the first place. This often leaves your IP rights open to abuse.

IP (intellectual property) is a name given to anything valuable that emanates from your mind, such as artistic work, inventions, or designs, symbols, names, images that are used by companies. A business logo or a brand is a prefect example, as branding involves millions of dollars and years of labor. The good will that your brand enjoys is closely interwined within your brand, and is a big factor that distinguish your products on the market. This is a valuable property, and needs protection. This is where an copyright lawyer can be of help to you.

* Patents

They can be defined as any substance, process, method or device that is useful, new or inventive. Invention need not be totally unique, but should have inventive steps, and should be able to be used in industry. For instance, many fast food, and soft drink companies have patents for machines deigned by them. They have exclusive right to use them, or sell them according to their wish. This also gives them a right to take action against anybody who uses this property without their permission.

* Trademarks

Trademarks are words, word, or symbol that is used for representing a company or its products. Everybody knows about the power of brands that are highly successful in the market. No other company or person can use the brand because it is a registered trademark of the company. A MA IP lawyer can help you in protecting your rights by using appropriate safeguards available to you under the law.

* Copyright

Ownership of property is actually a bundle of rights, which allows owners to copy, modify, reproduce, or license to copy modify, or reproduce the said property. Movies, books, poems, and various other things can be protected by the copyright. For instance, many soft drink makes have copyrights on their TV ads, shape of bottles, or their theme songs.

* Design Rights

A design refers to pattern, configuration, or shape that gives a unique appearance to a product. It must also be distinctive and unique. For instance, fashion designers often protect their work with the help of a MA IP lawyer, and often license their designs to others.

* Trade Secrets

These secrets are the ones that make your services or products unique from the rest of the companies, and make you, and/or your products or services unique. In order to get your secret recognized as a IP, you need to take certain steps in consultation with MA IP lawyer. Adequate steps should be taken to maintain the secret. This will ensure that any breach of confidentiality is true, and suitable action can be initiated against the erring party by MA IP lawyer.

Getting the necessary protection

IP lawyers deal with all the variations of IP protection for ensuring watertight protection to ideas, creations and works of their clients. This includes copyright, designs, patents, and trademarks.

When you get in touch with a specialist MA IP lawyer to get your work or idea protected, you will have complete peace of mind that in case of an infringement, you have legal framework in place to take action prescribed under the law to resolve the situation. Your IP lawyer will be able to pin point he best way to protect your idea or creation so that there are negligible chances of any infringement.

Once you have a consultation with your lawyer about your IP rights, you can find out more details on actions that you can take if you find that any infringement has occurred. If you feel that you’ve already suffered any infringement over your intellectual property rights, you should discuss this with your copyright lawyer.

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