What is fair use?

Fair Use & Copyrights

We look at some rules allowing you to use some video, images and music under the rules of fair use and copyright law. For Additional information on media law go to: www.videomaker.com More resources here: www.videomaker.com A lot of viewers have been…

Copyright, Fair Use and Library Resources Success


The Copyright, Fair Use and Library Resources workshop held at the University Boardroom on Tuesday was a success for all in attendance. Two speakers Kelly Leu and Carl Nelson presented on the topic of Copyright & Fair

CIS Fair Use Legal Experts Answer Fair Use Questions – Stanford Center for Internet and Society

Stanford Center for Internet and Society On April 21, 2011, YouTube invited the public to ask our CIS Fair Use experts questions regarding fair use. youtube-global.blogspot.com Anthony Falzone, Executive Director of the Fair Use Project, and Julie Ah…


Questioning Copyright’s Trade-Off | Electronic Frontier Foundation


That delicate equation is complicated by many factors, and the right policy should find the balance of copyright scope and duration, limitations and exceptions like fair use, and the appropriate remedies in case of infringement.

Brownmark v. Comedy Partners: Court Finds Fair Use Without


Faced with a copyright infringement suit where your defense is fair use? Chances are you wouldn’t consider making a motion to dismiss at the outset. Instead, you will most likely contemplate extensive discovery and an

What is fair use?

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